Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Whoa, The City that Killed Hip Hop is SICK!

That’s right, you dirty bitches, I’m talking about Atlanta. Atlanta is much reviled in the (purportedly) enlightened hip hop community for basically doing to hip hop what disco did to white folks’ music—1) making people dance to it 2) making it sell like comeback and 3) totally robbing it of its soul… but, that aside, Atlanta is SICK for various reasons, but I’ll get to that in a minute. First, a few words of introduction:

It is undeniable that Whoa Sick is something just short of a miracle; it has almost everything the readership needs: phenomenal music tips, witty commentary, and plenty of misspellings to sink your teeth into. Even given this veritable cornucopia of dope shit, WS is still lacking something. After several hours of furious brainstorming, SD and myself came up with the following concept: WhoaSickSouth (WSS.)

It just had to happen, the spirit of WhoaSick needed to reach out from its cold, gritty NYC surroundings and establish a presence in the lush cultural environs of the South. And what better place for WhoaSickSouth to set up shop than right here in Atlanta, the very epicenter of southern hip hop music and culture?

Anyway, I know you all are probably skeptical of this expansion, and I don’t blame you—if I were a reader, the same questions would be running through my head: “Is the excellent level of blog service I am used to receiving going to suffer?” “Is it too soon for WS to start its quest for world domination?” “Will WS start having postings including the word ‘yall’?”

I am not going to address those questions, but I am going to do something else to assuage your fears: I am going to give yall (ZANG!) five reasons why Atlanta (and, to some degree, the South in general) is SICK… one today and one on each of the next four days. Hopefully, in so doing, I will convince you, the readers, that The A is indeed SICK, and that WS will benefit from the sick shit coming out of WSS.

That’s the intro. Read on for today’s reason why Atlanta is SICK.