Sunday, August 10, 2008

A SICK Viciou$ Track and a Little Education

Greetings dirtbags.

Why are you reading this blog on Sunday when you should be at church? I guess its not overly important, because Atlanta's own Viciou$ and I are gonna take you to church. Or school? Fuck it, call it Sunday school.

Anyway, here's the track: Viciou$ feat. Trap Life- Zone 3 Up in this Muthafucka.

Here's Viciou$ doin' his thing (click the pic for his myspace):

And here's the education: The track's title, "Zone 3 Up in this Muthafucka" points up the following question: what, exactly, is Viciou$ saying is up in this particular muthafucka? I don't mean to make you feel sheepish about your lack of knowledge of the terms of art used in ATL hip-hop, so I'll tell you that, before I lived here, I didn't really know what those crazy crunkers were talking about with their omnipresent shouts of "Zone 3!" etc. Well, now I know, and I want to share that knowledge with the uninitiated.

The Atlanta Police Department has divided the city into separate zones (see image below), each zone having a its very own police precinct. So, the great majority of rappers, being (at least if you believe their claims) nefarious dope boys who must be intimately acquainted with police activity, adopted the zone designations as a way of differentiating their respective communities.
For further reference, I recommend Gorrilla Zoe's mixtape track 'Atlanta, Georgia,' (embedded below) which correlates the various zones with some of the more infamous neighborhoods contained therein (e.g., "Zone 4; MLK, Adamsville, Ben Hill down to Cascade.") If you wanna talk trap with the best of 'em, put yourself up on it.

Atlanta, Georgia - Gorilla Zoe