Saturday, August 30, 2008

Empire of the Sun: SICK

After a rough week Whoasick is back on track. Moving into september, there will be a whole lot more of a diverse selection of great music featured on the WS. This being that after listening to both the new Young Jeezy and Game records, I have fully become disenchanted with hiphop. These are artists who have delivered great/classic records and have both succeeded to put out two of the most mediocre albums of the year. So for now since my girlfriend moved across the bridge to Brooklyn, I've extended my hand into some excellent hipsterish sounds so I can fit in better when I leave my Manhattan enclave for her Brooklyn abode.

This leads to Empire of The Sun - Walking on a Dream... WOW. I wish I heard this record at the beginning of the summer, but it will allow me to keep summer going through the fall. When the crowd gets rowdy on a night where I'm DJing, I am gonna drop this record and keep it moving. Enjoy this record during the last few days of summer we have left.
Empire of The Sun - Walking on a Dream

And the video is incredible

Brooklyn hipster music? WHOA SICK!