Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Can It BE?? A Goodie Mob Reunion Would be SICK!

OK, so nah right broke this bitch first, but I felt that WhoaSick readers absolutely needed to hear about possible big things poppin' in Atlanta... Goodie Mob (all 4 members-- no monkeys attempting to stop the show here!) reunited last night onstage at Tabernacle in their hometown of ATL, at a Nelly concert, of all things.

If this reunion sticks, this is possibly the SICKest A-Town hip-hop development of 2008.

This city needs the Mob back, and apparently the Goodie boys have realized this undeniable fact. Cee-Lo damn sure knows it, as he is quoted on HipHopDX as saying:

There’s no [Goodie Mob] anymore, no one else brave enough to pick up that torch and carry it even further. And [southern Hip Hop] is suffering because of it. But it’s suffering on such a scale that they even recognize it themselves. You may not even have to call their names out. I may not even have to do it because they do realize what a travesty it all is

One particularly enlightened comment on the HipHopDX post admonishes "Southern ringtone rappers" to "[w]atch out" because "[t]he Mob is back." Indeed, the aforementioned ringtone rappers are, in WSS's opinion, the perpetrators of what Lo aptly termed a travesty-- at their hands, the state of Atlanta and southern hip-hop in general has fallen into such disrepair that we need Goodie Mob to come fix it.

So, laptop gangsters, in your nightly prayers for ATL, be sure to mention the Mob. I know I will.

And here is some Youtube diesel if you don't believe me... Goodie Mob comes onstage at around 8:15...