Friday, August 22, 2008

Sick: Buff 1

This month has seen a string of excellent new artists so I extremely stoked to see the return of a member of one of my favorite rap groups of all time; Buff 1 of the Athletic Mic League. He drops an album called "There's Only 1" out of no where and its a SERIOUS classic. The production is handled by the Lab Technicians (in the top 5 most slept on producers) and is excellent from start to finish but what is so great about the album as a whole is that it FEELS like a hip-hop record but it doesn't fall into the usual trappings of the underground in trying to sound like a hip-hop record. Get put on to Buff 1, the sickest artist right now creating that classic hip-hop.Do not sleep on this song. Top 10 Sickest of the year.
Buff 1 - Dream Streets

Buff 1 - Beat The Speakers Up

I cant tell if this is a white southern midget rapping or not... check it at blvdst

Hip-Hop and midgets? WHOA SICK!