Wednesday, March 18, 2009

OJ Da Juice Man is extremely SICK

Not since Master P's "UUUUUNNGHHHH" has a rapper from the south come with come with such a hot adlib as OJ's "AIY!!" (instert high-pitched voice) After listening to so many tracks from these Freshmen 10 kids trying to quote-on-quote "elevate" the music and then deciding to retire (Kid Cudi), stop putting out mixtapes (Curren$y), stop making rap music "B.O.B.", drop a brick (Ace Hood) or just put me to sleep (Mickey Factz), I almost overlooked the hottest new artist to not get any hipster love... AKA OJ Da Juice Man. Well he actually isn't new, and has been dropping mixtapes continually for the past few years. Anyway, enough with the hoopla, get on that new ish. Washing Powder Monaaay AY! AY! AY!

OJ Da Juice Man & DJ 31 Degreez - 32 Karat Juice

oodle noodle, dr. loodle, pockets look like ramen noodles...AY! WHOA SICK!